I just finished a really good book by Donna Tartt called ‘The Goldfinch’, the story was very gripping and heartbreaking at times, definitely worth a read!  The book conjured a lot of interesting imagery, but there was one image I had in my mind throughout reading the book.



I recently read ‘The Watcher In The Shadows’ by Carlos Ruis Zafron, I particularly liked a certain part in the book and have started to illustrate a series of scenes for it, there will be more images to come…

‘What if there really is something in the forest?’

‘The shadow?’

Dorian nodded gravely.

‘Have you ever heard of a doppelgänger?’ asked Lazarus.

Dorian shook his head.

‘It’s a German term,’ Lazarus explained. ‘It’s like the shadow of a person which, for some reason, has become separated from its owner. Would you like to hear a strange story?’


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